Aspid Décor
Innovation and Design

More beautiful in structure than real Aspidistra Leaf, Aspid Décor is a waterproof and odorless hard good supply.  With multi-dimensional uses, its functionality has no boundaries.
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Bouquet Wrapping

Is the new trend in wrapping floral bouquet in Europe.  Bo Kraft is a natural based white kraft paper resistant to water and moisture. Its form come from the finest manufacturing process to create this magnificent product.  Trendy itself is available in solid colors and Bi color leaving it all to creativity. BoKraft is the new trend in floral bouquet wrapping.
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For any special ocassion

Made with the finest blends in raw material to achieve softness and vibrant colors creating a trendy look. Raphia Synthetic use a unique composite of polypro and paper creating a soft feel and at the same time fully waterproof. Fully expandable to create more splash and a wide range of colors for any special occasions and events. Whether you are creating floral creations or gift packaging for any occasion our Raphia Synthetic is its best in its class.
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Stop & Locks

Our finest collection of Stop & Lock Bows spectrum from Textile to Polypro base materials in all standard sizes and put ups. From Our finest Collection TEXLY to Country Bows to Splendene base we have it all.  Stop & Lock bows are new trend in today’s market for all occasions and events. Choose from a wide range of models and colors to create trendy statements and with a wide range of colors create different moods on your floral and packaging creations.
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Decorative Ribbon

Is a new concept of decorative ribbon, created and produced by Bolis SpA as a result of a recent research project. The main feature  is appearance of a new material with intermediate sensations between a textile and a compact poly ribbon. Incredible and refined multi-color glares to be seized in full sun light, spotlight or LED. Both physical and visual lightness with unique transparencies and new tactile sensations.
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WoodlyCreating infinite possibilities

New nature inspired Woodly Collection has been develop by Bolis creating visual and harmonic environment to mother nature. This collection has multiple use and fully multi-dimensional for all uses in Floral and Packaging creations. Woodly is an inspired innovations to generate a world of fantasia while creating infinite world of  possibilities.
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