Can anyone order items from Nova Packaging Solutions?

Nova Packaging Solutions, Inc. is anManufacturer’s Rep and ImporterDistributor that only sells to distribution businesses. We value the relationship with the businesses that purchase from us and do what we can to maintain those affiliations.Our customers’ businesses are designed to sell to the Wholesale Trade. We also sell to mass markets user, such as supermarkets, specialty marketers and packers in the food, floral.

How do I become a customer to purchase your products?

If you are a business, our Customer Service department can set you up with an account. Please contact us Monday-Friday 9:00-3:00 EST at 1 866-302-8242 or email

Are there any “Go Green” initiatives in which Nova Packaging Solutions participates?

Yes, Nova Packaging Solutions, Inc. offers many natural biodegradable products for your ribbon and Gift Wrap needs. In addition, we have reduced paper and waste by utilizing an electronic invoicing system. If you are a customer and not currently receiving your invoices as an electronic PDF via email, please contact our customer service staff at 866-302-8242 or email

Another green initiative is evident in the availability of our catalogs and publications as a PDF. The PDF product pictures are linked to the order site eliminating the dependency on printed catalogs. We are continuing to develop ways to be ecologically friendly.


Are the products you sell eco-friendly?

Yes, a variety of our products are biodegradable. The majority of our products are made out of natural products. We consistently work with our factories to use environmentally sound practices and we request that environmentally safe finishes are utilized in the production of our products, meeting CPISA and California Prop 65 standards.

What if I am not sure the product will fit my needs?

Sample orders can be placed for one to two pieces of each item. The $250 minimum order requirement is waived for sample orders.

Do I have to pay for samples?

Yes, you will be charged the list price for the sample. The sample is returnable for a refund.

How accurate are the dimensions listed?

All measurements are approximate outside top measurements (length, width, height, overall height).

Do you have any videos showing how to use your products?

Yes, we have a library of videos showing how to use many of our supplies in our “You Tube Channel”. We also offer many slideshows that give examples of how our products can be used.


Is there a minimum order amount to place a first time order?

Yes, For new accounts the minimum order amount for a regular order is $1,500.00 per ship to address of available goods. Re- Order minimum is $250.00

Can I order less than the minimum dollar amount on an order?

Yes, there will be a $30.00 below minimum order surcharge fee added to the order.

What if you do not have enough of the item I want to purchase?

Our Customer Service staff can assist with providing in-transit information, special order requirements, or substitute suggestions.

How is the shipping charge calculated?

Shipping costs can vary depending on the product selected and the distance from our distribution center. Shipping costs are calculated by box dimensions not the actual weight of the carton. Much of our product is inexpensive, light weight. Our customers see our products as a good value even when considering the laid-in cost.

How can I keep the shipping cost down?

Ordering more at one time may allow Nova Packaging Solutions, Inc. to ship your product by a Common Carrier reducing the cost. Also, when shipping by common carrier our Customer Service staff can add a note to call you if more product will fit on the pallet with no additional freight charges. You would be increasing the order value without increasing the freight cost – therefore lowering total freight percentage for the entire order.


How can I pay for my order?

Nova Packaging Solutions, Inc.  accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express credit cards. Upon credit approval, our standard account terms are Net 30 days.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Resale Certificates are required to be on file with us to be exempt from sales tax.

Does Nova Packaging Solutions keep my Credit Card information on file?

No, credit card information is not retained on file and must be provided with each new order.