Nova Packaging Solutions, Inc. is a creative distribution company specializing in Decorative Ribbons and Gift Wrap for the Floral Packaging Industry.  Established in Orlando, Florida in 2009 our goal is to be the best Floral-Packaging Distributor of value added specialty ribbons. We have a very experience personnel with over 25 years of experience in the industry.

We will achieve this goal through innovative products and personalized service to our customers with excellent distribution channels.  In realizing our goal, we will maintain a complete open door policy with our employees, customers and suppliers to whom we owed our business.

Nova Packaging Solutions can service your needs whether you are a start up business or have multiple stores across the world.

“Nova” has a very large selection of bows, ribbons, raphia, gift wrap and supplies for resale and store use. Most of our products are available in case carton quantity and inner pack as well.

“Nova” has been working since the beginning with a wide range of Decorative Ribbons from Poly Pro and Textile as well. As we strive in the best quality and affordable Ribbons in the world.

Our philosophy is simple: We built relationship on Trust, Honor and Responsibility!

Our commitment is to provide excellence and reliability in our services in order to exceed our customer’s satisfaction and expectations. We guarantee the highest quality and most innovative products to our market to assure our profitability. We focus on wholesale to the floral packaging industry through our personnel.

Become a world class corporation by applying the fundamental human values in our daily lives, creating an environment in which people can innovate and progress, and providing products and services that add value to our customers in the floral packaging industry.


Consists of behaving and communicating with coherence and sincerity, saying the truth according to the values of truth and justice. It means living according to how you think and feel.

Honesty may be understood as simple respect to the truth in relation to the world, the facts and the people and it also implies the relation between the person and others, and of the person with himself.


Consideration that someone or even something has value in itself.

Respect in interpersonal relationships begins with the individual, in the recognition of the same as a unique entity that needs to be understood, and consists in knowing how to value the needs and interests of another individual.


Is a value that exists in the person’s conscience that allows him or her to reflect, administer, guide and value the consequences of his acts always at the moral level.

The responsible person is the one that acts consciously and being the direct or indirect cause of a fact occurred. The responsible person is also the one who meets obligations or takes care and places attention to acts and decisions.


Consists in common work carried out by a group of people, or greater entities, towards a shared objective generally also using common methods instead of working in separate ways and in competition.


An obligation of fidelity that a person or citizen owes to the state, monarch or to himself.  Loyalty is a virtue consisting in complying with honor and gratitude and is more related to the relation in a group.